how to make a basement livable

The idea is to give you as much extra living space as possible. This basement-turned-apartment is complete with kitchen, living, bedroom and bathroom zones. This can be 7, 8, 9 or 10 feet deep, depending on your preference. Even with intelligent products, insulation requires multiple products and systems to stay on top of heat, cold, and humidity, according to Ted Winslow, a representative from CertainTeed. From design and job planning and ordering materials and managing subcontractors, your Gonyea team always delivers a holistic approach to new renovations. The basement is a great place for your home office. For starters, a basement renovation can add a lot of square footage to your home, as well as resale value. In the end, your home’s value will increase, while giving your family a refreshed space for play, work, or relaxation. Basements have a reputation for being damp. One is a finished basement with a den, bedroom, and full bathroom. About 50% of basement jobs require the floor to be dug lower to allow for additional ceiling height, according to Kareem, a Sweeten contractor in Philadelphia. Often times the basement will be completely remolded so that someone can comfortably live there. Usually, we store things in the basement that survives its hotness, humidness, coldness, and wetness. var page_category_arc = jQuery('.page_category_arc').val() Do you envision more of a living space for your basement (rather than a laundry and storage area)? Specialized finished basements add appeal and great value, including living spaces like in-law suites, home theaters, man caves, and wine rooms. This process involves cracking open the existing concrete floor, removing the excess dirt, and re-laying the concrete. Make this space inviting by finishing and decorating it like any upstairs room. This could mean using spray foam to fill in cracks and seal windows and doors, along with typical insulation products. Include as much natural light as possible in the basement living space by enlarging windows, if possible, when considering basement living room ideas. To be considered “living area,” a home’s rooms must meet certain criteria — including the basement. By transforming your unfinished basement into a more functional living space, you not only add livable square footage to your home, but you also boost the potential resale value of your home. The typical size of a basement is about 1,000 square feet, he said. Finished basements are a great way to add additional living space to a home but they also present a challenge. Our team is available by appointment, phone, email, and virtual meetings. People who have lived this way have found many problems within a basement setting that make living hard. No matter the size of your budget, the following unfinished basement updates will help you transform your lower level into a space you and your family will enjoy spending time in while making new memories: One of the biggest updates you can make in any space or room is refreshing the appearance of your walls. Its 2-step process will add a few extra days to a renovation timeline. People with allergies, asthma and environmental sensitivities are often taught to shun basements as dark, dank places laden with triggers such as mold and chemical fumes. Renovating your basement might be the easiest way to add another floor of living space to your home. Extending your home’s existing HVAC system will help ventilate the basement area, said Kareem. “Rain and leaks tend to be a big source of water issues that you don’t have to deal with in the rest of the house,” said Alan. We value the health and safety of our clients, guests and employees, and want to assure you that we are taking the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all. However, sensitive things such as your mother’s wedding dress or dad’s precious keepsakes probably won’t survive the basement. Since basements don't get a lot of natural light, brighten things up with higher wattage … We educate our clients on cost, scope and process—and introductions to clients are free. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation where we’ll learn more about you and your needs, so we can help you transform your unfinished basement into usable space. That’s why ventilation, along with insulation, is important. onFormSubmit: function($form) { But the basement also presents much needed extra space. See more ideas about Finishing basement, Basement remodeling, Basement renovations. jQuery('.hs_gc_blog_subscription_segment').find('input').val(page_category_arc); The Solution: To redefine your space, determine how your unfinished basement could better serve you and your family’s needs. Ok my basement is old dusty and moldy. Sometimes the floor needs to be dug deeper so the ceiling appears higher, and the walls could require underpinning. Painting the exposed beams of your basement ceiling can make the entire space feel more finished without heavy renovation. Height clearances, whether it’s heated, and the presence of windows: all of these make a space livable. This will help avoid flooding if any of the pipes burst, according to Kareem. Transform your basement into a livable, breathable space. That section of your basement under the stairs where you can’t even stand up? The smallest basement renovation Kyle worked on only added 400 square feet of living space with the owners using it as a kids’ play area. It makes the basement feel open, lighter and connected to your home. Step 3. Inspect the concrete floor and walls for cracks. It's the perfect spot for the big screen TV, pool table, and to stash board games and craft supplies. Finishing your basement is an excellent way to add value to your home while also making the most of the space it has to offer. There are multiple benefits of flipping a dark (and possibly damp) basement into an actual living space. Moisture. The Solution: For DIY-friendly flooring updates, consider painting the floor or laying simple peel-and-stick carpet tiles to warm up the space. Although building regulations vary from town to town, Sweeten contractors say the height requirement for the ceiling will be between six and seven feet. LEARN MORE. and you’ll both receive a $250 Visa gift card when they sign a contract with a Sweeten general contractor. When picking out artificial lighting, go for warm lights that cover a lots of space to remove any of that leftover basement gloom. More good news: According to Sweeten contractors, there are no deal-breakers when it comes to basement remodels. Start by creating an open stairwell leading from the rest of the house. Ultimately, it will all depend on how much you are willing to pay. We want to put the house up for sale but need the basement livable. A good tip on how to make a basement livable in Midland, MI is to put up walls surrounding these units to protect them and make the space more comfortable. They push damp air out while circulating the remaining air around the entire house. To make your basement functional and livable, it's not as easy as simply sliding in some furniture and putting up some fixtures. I can barely breath down there long enough to do loundry. While an unfinished basement is a clean slate, it is also cooler, more humid, and prone to moisture than any other part of your home and has plumbing and mechanical equipment that needs to … Creekstone Design Can Help You Finish Your Basement Making a basement remodel livable and valuable necessitates the incorporation of design and construction solutions to turn the unique challenges of an unfinished basement remodel into a completely new space to the home that you love. (He would know since he is 6′ 6″ tall!) Make a Family Room or Rec Room Basements are ideal for casual social activities for the whole family, or just for the kids. This means providing the proper flooring, lighting and adequate bathroom space. Good news: On average, investment in a basement renovation adds value to a property. If you’re looking for a more dramatic change, professional contractors can finish off the ceiling by hanging drywall or drop ceilings and adding additional lighting (e.g. We’d love to work with you to listen, learn, and create a design plan for your unfinished basement that’s perfect for you. For a raw space that is being renovated to a finished living area, expect the average cost to come in around $75,000. Any problem—bad plumbing, lack of natural light, high humidity, a low ceiling—can all be sorted to make your dream basement happen. The amount of square footage you can add to a basement will impact your renovation costs, as well as the value it will add to your home. }); COPYRIGHT ©2021 SWEETEN INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED SWEE10®. portalId: "6930101", Light It Up. In-wall products like CertainTeed’s MemBrain is an accessory to regular insulation that allows the buildup of moisture to escape while preventing moisture from entering in the first place. And that stereotype can hold true. hbspt.forms.create({ And don’t forget: If you have equipment—like your home’s boiler—in the basement, a mechanical room could take away a few hundred square feet from the livable space. How Long Does an Apartment Renovation Take? The answer to this common problem is often insulation and waterproofing. Sweeten general contractors have worked on basement remodels starting at $20,000. Installation and waterproofing can also be a significant cost if needed. Create a perfect storage environment in your basement and store your most prized keepsakes. Unfortunately, making that basement healthy and livable will take a little money and I'm guessing from your situation that's not going to be easy to come by. Many unfinished basements tend to serve as storage overflow areas because they lack functionality and purpose. If you have the extra square footage of a basement, why not add a laundry room down there? This price point would update an already finished space and include painting, flooring, a new closet, and lighting. Here are the basics of a typical basement egress window system: A “buck,” poured into the wall during new construction, creates a frame in the foundation wall. A kitchenette, washer and dryer may also be worthy additions. On top of the general humidity in your basement, flooding in your basement could also be an issue. We will also use concrete to make a basement floor and walls, and we will waterproof the new basement to insure that you have no water problems in the future (mold, mildew, cracks, weak foundation, etc). In fact, they account for the majority of your home’s indoor moisture, according to Alan. This is the tale of two basements in otherwise comparable houses. These factors provide a unique challenge to making a basement livable. How to Make an Unfinished Basement Livable Step 1. Some DIY-friendly room transformations could include the following unfinished basement ideas: If any of your unfinished basement ideas involve bigger renovation projects involving electrical, plumbing, adding walls, etc., it’s a good idea to turn to professionals who’ll ensure any additions meet local building and safety codes and regulations, while also minimizing the stress of larger renovations. Sweeten handpicks the best general contractors to match each project’s location, budget, and scope, helping until project completion. Sweeten general contractors have worked on basement … Like any home construction project, a basement renovation requires planning, creativity, and expert help. Add Tasteful Lighting. I sympathize with your situation -- I had to share a tiny bedroom for most of my teen years with an obnoxious younger sister and I had no privacy or peace. Unfinished basements are often the most underutilized spaces, sometimes serving as dumping grounds and excess storage areas. Apr 26, 2020 - Explore Latrice Wiley's board "Unfinished but Livable", followed by 112 people on Pinterest. } When painting during a basement remodel there is a process which must … Oftentimes, unfinished basements include cinder block walls that don’t always help create an inviting or relaxing space. If so, it’s likely that you’ll need a second exit, or egress. © 2018 Gonyea Custom Homes, All Rights Reserved. Step 2. Lighting. Our floor in the basement needs updating. At Gonyea, we understand how overwhelming bigger renovation projects can be, and our team of experienced builders, architects, and designers will simplify the process for you, ensuring you have an enjoyable and stress-free renovation experience. Details like current ceiling height, local egress regulations, and insulation needs will influence how long your basement renovation timeline will be, and how much it will cost. Choose the Right Kind of Lighting. “It’s a balancing act to how much you want to put into the house before you exceed what value it brings,” said Alan, a Sweeten contractor. Since most unfinished basements have a relatively open-concept floor plan, you’ll find so many ways you can easily revamp your basement without much restriction. 1000 Boone Ave. N Suite 400 Golden Valley, MN 55427, We value the health and safety of our clients, guests and employees, and want to assure you that we are taking the precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all. It’s best to hire a professional who can ensure the basement is properly waterproofed, lay down subflooring, and discuss more sophisticated flooring options with you, including engineered wood, tile, etc. recessed lighting, etc. Plus, Sweeten contractors only pay when they win projects. Oct 17, 2015 - after the baby is born, this will be the project!!!!. Sweeten matches home renovation projects with vetted general contractors, offering guidance and financial protection—at no cost to the homeowner. Nothing kills the mood faster than a bunch of naked bulbs hanging from the … Often, homeowners will add a half or a full bath to their new basement space. The Solution: Try applying a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling for a DIY budget-friendly update. Looking for a more finished room feel? if(page_category_arc){ A humidifier could also be used, but be prepared to pump that waste water up to the sewer lines. WHEN IS BASEMENT CONSIDERED LIVING SPACE: UPKEEP If you find yourself in the windowless cocoon of your basement, wishing there was another way to live than burrowing like a mole…there is! So, pay attention to your lowest level when it rains next! The back wall in this finished basement was bare and, conveniently, the right width to fit a … Plus, remodeling a basement provides families with revitalized spaces for entertaining loved ones, working from home, or relaxing. Murphy beds, also known as wall beds, are the perfect way to create a conventional guest room in a tight space. Often, basement windows are below grade, so make sure the bedroom window is the right size for someone to exit in case of fire, and get permitting for any changes you make … In order to plan your basement remodel efficiently, you’ll need to manage several key factors. While plenty of people live in basement apartments, they do come with their downside. I really don’t want to use an acid wAsh to get it clean. } The white walls and open, white-painted ceiling make it bright and livable even when not much natural light breaks through. Since flooring spans wall to wall, by simply updating your basement flooring, you can dramatically influence the look and feel of the space. Relying on natural air flow from windows is possible, but its subject to the weather and seasons. Follow the blog for renovation ideas and inspiration and when you’re ready to renovate, start your renovation on Sweeten. Be sure to take the time to properly prepare for painting by using painter’s tape to protect fixtures, duct work, wiring, and trim that you don’t wish to paint. There are plenty of ways to brighten even the darkest of basement spaces. The Solution: By painting your unfinished basement walls, you can instantly create more warmth in the basement and breathe new life into the space. Part of what makes a basement feel dark and dingy is when an unfinished basement ceiling includes exposed rafters, wiring, and duct work. Pick Your Colors Wisely. SIGN UP NOW. Tackle These Spring Home Improvement Projects. If you’re thinking about adding drywall or wood paneling, you may want to partner with professionals, who can ensure building codes and regulations are met and also help you add any additional insulation, waterproofing, electrical components, etc., to truly change up your space. I have 2 monthes to make it liveable. Hang Big, Yes BIG, Art. He suggested exhaust fans installed into the wall or window. A thousand little pieces of art will only stifle the eye. One of the biggest updates you can make in any space or room is refreshing the … If you decide to list the unit as a furnished space, then you will need to provide a bed, television, dresser, floor lamp and other common items. “To be comfortable and have no problems with building inspectors, you will need that second form of egress, such as a window or a door with steps leading outside to ground level,” said Kyle, a Sweeten contractor. Refresh the Walls. Since your basement living space will probably be below sewer lines, you’ll need a pump to get waste out, said Kyle. Of course, adding a bathroom will also add to the budget, but for many, the convenience is worth it, he said. It’s not usable, so don’t include it in square footage. Even the slightest amount of water can develop into mold, mildew and other issues, so it’s best to eliminate water completely before you carry out other renovation projects. Money and energy spent on a remodeling project will be wasted if the basement is too damp. Expand the stairway: Many basements have narrow staircases that are difficult to navigate and pose a potential fire hazard. (Above) Tracy and Gordon’s basement remodel added living space to their small footprint. You also have to reupholster the ceilings, walls, and floors of the area to turn your basement into a livable space. Cut sheets of vapor barrier to fit the height of the wall plus 2 inches. And there are intelligent products that can help. Refer your renovating friends to Sweeten and you’ll both receive a $250 Visa gift card when they sign a contract with a Sweeten general contractor. The plumbing for this usually goes under the concrete flooring. Details like current ceiling height, local egress regulations, and insulation needs will influence how long your basement renovation timeline will be, and how much it will cost. In choosing the best décor for the basement, try to create some sense of continuity with the rest of the house. If that sounds like your current setup, you’ll want to widen the staircase during your remodeling project. Keep in mind that the existing condition of the space will impact the budget. Good news: On average, investment in a basement renovation adds value to a property. Top 10 Tips for Making a Basement Feel Bright. It is the entire length and with of the house. We have some DIY-friendly projects that can spruce up the space and help you to imagine the possibilities for your unfinished basement. ), soundproofing, and/or insulation. A basement must be adequately moisture-free before remodeling, because water can cause mold, mildew, and damage to carpets and furniture. I need first how do I clean it? Sometimes electricity and plumbing need to be installed, especially if there is no existing bathroom and that’s a crucial part of your plans. A finished or partially finished basement can be a … No matter your remodeling goals, we promise our superior customer service and quality craftsmanship from start to finish. And, if you’re not quite ready—no worries! This system can either turn on when the lights are switched on or be equipped with sensors that switch the fans on once humidity gets above a certain level. To prevent toxic mold, the humidity of living spaces should be below 60 percent, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. Instead, pick a real … Here, Sweeten, a free service matching homeowners with vetted general contractors, outlines the key factors to consider when planning your own basement renovation. formId: "f3169177-c6cc-4ca3-9755-dd19acd03f5c", With a home office, you can make use of both a large or a small space. To solve these problems, you’ll need to prevent water from entering the basement. Here’s a look at a fully buried, partially finished basement that uses the white paint trick to illuminate the space. See more ideas about Basement, Finishing basement, Basement makeover. Gonyea Transformations specializes in designing new plans for existing spaces that add beauty, function, and joy to your home. If a conversion involves a bedroom, which is a room where many hours are spent, it is ultra important to keep toxic mold at bay, which is fed by moisture. Basements often feel damp and chilly and sometimes contain an unpleasant smell. Im talking living down there all the time. For this budget, a bathroom, a kitchen, and HVAC can be added. That usually means digging down to make an open passageway on one side of the building so there is a way to get in and out. In order to plan your basement remodel efficiently, you’ll need to manage several key factors. “You also have to decide if cost value is important to you or is it more important to have a home you want to live in.”. But you can also add value by merely increasing your current living space with more bedrooms or a den. However, the ideal situation is to remove the humidity. The basement is a great work area because it tends to be quieter and separate from the rest of the house, which is more conducive to concentration. Make sure the basement area is finished and livable.

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