national treasury instruction notes

A ICT platform would be developed so that departments and entities could procure more consistently and efficiently. Obviously, South Africans expected National Treasury to manage their money prudently but in certain instances some government departments and local governments had betrayed the trust of people in so far as the way in which public finance had been managed. When would National Treasury finalise that? De-centralised procurement was intended to facilitate the economy in poor and rural provinces. They did not have a year to do that. national treasury instruction 04 of 2015/2016: amendment of declaration certificates for local production and content for designated sectors [standard bidding document (sbd 6.2) and municipal bidding document (mbd 6.2)] on 21 july 2015 national treasury issued instruction note 4 of 2015/2016 - Mr E Njadu (ANC; Western Cape) had a concern while listening to the presentation as he noticed an emphasis on procedure and guidelines but in terms of accountability, there was the PFMA and the MFMA which were Acts that guided expenditure. Indeed, the same applied in many other situations around the country. Had any action been taken against a single Accounting Officer through the processes of consequences in terms of the PFMA or the MFMA? Instruction note 5 of 2016 - payments exceeding 30 days(1) ... National Treasury SCM Instruction No 2 of 2016-2017 Procurement Plans- Submission and Reporting: Was there a guideline in relation to localised procurement? Part and parcel of talking about preventative measures was the issue of who was in the institution in so far as good Accounting Officers could prevent the kind of things that had happened. 05 of 2020/2021: Emergency procurement in response to National State of Disaster (Updated 2020-05-04), Treasury Instruction No. A lot of preventative and reactive measures had been put in place by government and Parliament to run public finances prudently. Opening Remarks by Minister of Finance The National Treasury has issued an instruction note to government departments, municipalities and entities to help speed up the procurement of the goods and/or commodities required to reduce and control the spread of the COVID-19 virus. National Treasury briefing. It was the highly monopolised economy. She had been told by SMMEs that when they won a tender, they had to give a percentage of the money allocated to the tender to an SCM official. Ms Abrahams alleged that there was a corruption network in the supply chain management (SCM) of the departments. It was some of the best legislation in the world but there had been contravention for years and years and no one had been held accountable. As a second point, the Minister said that the Members might recall that when he had risen in both Houses to present the supplementary budget, he had made the following statement: No sooner had he announced the budget for Covid-19, than the thieves would begin to assemble at the door for the purpose of stealing. One needed to deconstruct the shell of a company and see who was inside the shell. 2020/08/06 The Passing of SAFCEC Past President's Con Roux and Frank Cowley. and there were certain standard processes for specific departments such as the Department of Health, and things such as PPEs were part of that system. Full details of the companies that had won a tender had to be published, including the cost, others who had tendered and the date of the establishment of the winning company. Instruction Note No 7 of 2020/21 National Treasury Instruction 4 of 2015/2016. In terms of the Covid-19-related budget allocated to the departments, Treasury had attempted to list the amounts but Mr Mogajane reminded Members that PPEs etc. In doing so, it had become incredibly obvious that Members of the ANC in the NCOP were tone deaf and they had not heard what the public had to say. It was largely anecdotal evidence that was coming out but it was clearly a very big problem and he was sure that everyone wanted to eradicate that. In an ethical society, one would have expected everyone to have followed National Treasury instructions to the letter and procurement would have been in line with the Treasury Instruction. Another question that had to be answered was where the PPE donated by Ace Magashule to Cuba had come from. Why had Treasury not responded to the proposals? The list had been published in Tender Bulletin No 17 of 17 July 2020. 07 of 2019/2020 Month-end Closure Procedures for 2020/2021, Treasury Instruction No. National Treasury issued this instruction note in terms of section 76 (4) (g) of the PFMA to allow for the relaxation, to a certain extent, of supply chain management requirements during times of emergencies to aid whatever situation the country might be facing. Treasury did intervene as and when required. Co-Chairperson Maswanganyi warned Members that many sets of minutes had to be approved. 01 July 2020 The whole of government should take responsibility to build local capacity and give opportunities to SA entrepreneurs and not pay middlemen.

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